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Warriors of the Dystotheque presents It’s A Beautiful Thing

Warriors of the Dystotheque are fast becoming an Ibiza institution, their eclectic, blissed out sounds the perfect companion whether poolside at Pikes, sunset at Café Del Mar or basking at Bossa beach bars. The five piece international dream team return with their amazing third album, It’s A Beautiful Thing, featuring superb singles Hashish Dreams and Looking Through Balearic Es, released as a single from 14th June. 

The five warriors, Jonny Mac, Sean Graham, NYC’s twin prodigies Mike and Nick Rufolo and Undertones drummer Kevin Sharkey have taken things up a notch, from online collaboration project to the tight band you hear on It’s a Beautiful Thing. Recorded in Florida at the start of the year, these sessions have transformed the warriors into a crack commando unit, joined on three missions by vocalist extraordinaire Ashley Slater (Freak Power).

Take a trip to Ibiza this summer. Whether you are poolside at Pikes, sipping sunset sangrias at Café Del Mar or basking at Bossa’s beach bars you are likely to hear the eclectic, blissed out sounds of WotD, melding genres from Balearic to broken beat, acid to electronica, and downtempo to techno. Alternatively, turn on Radio 1, 6 music Jazz FM or RTE to bring a little Balearic sunshine through your window. 

And nowhere better to start than On the Balcony at Sunrise. Nocturnal percussion blending into the dawn chorus then into the most beautiful daybreak synths. Spread your arms wide, It’s good to be alive. First played at Cafe Del Mar, and attracting the attention of Balearic legend Chris Coco and ultimately how this incredible album came to be made. Hashish Dreams is a wonderful collaboration with Steve Overend, (Deep Division) whose stunning piano melody draws you in from the first bar, complemented by Jonny’s gentle, dreamy synths.

Always Better warms you from the inside. Written by most recently enlisted Warrior, Kevin with synth strings and blissful tropical guitar added by Mike and Nick, giving Always Better the trademark WotD sound. One Florida morning over coffee, Jonny introduced Nick to the work of 4Hero & Cinematic Orchestra. After tacos, Nick laid down Telepathic Tacos with his twin brother Mike, in almost exactly the same style. Jonny and Sean added a little cosmic salsa to the track.

Beachside Drive and A Good Morning sum up the whole vibe of the recordings in Florida.  Jump in the Warrior Mobile and take the A1A for a Beachside Drive, from Melbourne Beach to Coco Beach before heading back to the pool at the studio. Mike shows you his incredible drumming skills whilst the other warriors break out the bass and the strings, Ashley’s amazing voice at its finest on this glorious celebration of a Beautiful Day. Smile While You’re Sleeping is a beautiful stripped-down piece, the old sounds of double bass and organ, strings and horns keeping you as happy as an afternoon siesta. 

Last up is the incredible new single Looking Through Balearic Es. And what a finale this is, you will be hooked from the first listen, Jonny Mac taking you from Florida back to Ibiza. Inspired by WotD parties at Pikes, Cafe del Mar & WOM, he took the simple, beautiful keys recorded on the last day of the Florida sessions and turned it into this masterpiece. Every great album has a closing track that distils the essence of the LP into a beautiful conclusion. Simon Shelder (The Freebooter Lounge) gives the track even more depth with extra layers of bliss and Dan Dub Lounge adds the effortlessly dreamy guitar. Looking Through Balearic Es is that perfect sunset, closing It’s a Beautiful Thing in the same exquisite way as On the Balcony at Sunrise opened it.

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