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Zaratustra presents "Tribal Quest" EP

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of sound as we proudly present "Tribal Quest," the latest offering from the enigmatic artist, Zaratustra. A captivating journey through the realms of dark disco and indie dance, this EP is a sonic exploration that will transport you to a realm where rhythms intertwine with mystique.

In "Tribal Quest," Zaratustra has masterfully crafted a collection of tracks that seamlessly blend the pulsating energy of disco with an alluring dark twist. The EP's title track, "Tribal Quest," sets the stage with its hypnotic beats and captivating melodies. Each composition is a musical tapestry, expertly woven with intricate layers that invite listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm. But the journey doesn't end there. "Tribal Quest" EP boasts a lineup of exceptional remixers who've added their unique touch to elevate the experience. Balam, Panko, and A-Tweed have each lent their creativity, reshaping the tracks into new dimensions while retaining the EP's signature allure. With an undeniable magnetism, "Tribal Quest" EP beckons you to immerse yourself in its haunting melodies, infectious grooves, and evocative atmospheres. Whether you're on the dance floor or embarking on an introspective sonic adventure, this EP promises an unforgettable experience that transcends all boundaries.

Get ready to embark on a musical expedition where dark disco and indie dance converge, courtesy of Zaratustra's "Tribal Quest" EP. Let the rhythms guide you, and allow the music to weave its spell. Available now for your auditory pleasure.


  1. Zaratustra - Sons of The Amazon (Original Mix)

  2. Zaratustra-SnakeDance(OriginalMix)

  3. Zaratustra-TribalQuest(OriginalMix)

  4. Zaratustra - Sons of The Amazon (Balam Remix)

  5. Zaratustra - Snake Dance (Panko Remix)

  6. Zaratustra-TribalQuest(A-TweedRemix)

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