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aadja presents pyrocbs

born in canadian Newfoundland, aadja was drawn to music early. growing up in nature made a profound impact, the surrounding woods, rugged landscapes and nearby ocean inspiring her innate music language. she picked up a guitar at age five, and went on to play clarinet, piano, flute and baritone saxophone, as well as receiving classical vocal training.


isolation of the early 20’s meant chaos for some, but for the canadian dj and producer this period in time presented itself as a gift. it became an environment to control and create, a time to dive into the fire of pyrocbs and emerge stronger and unfettered. 


“pyrocbs”, the follow up of her excellent “thought dealer” record, features 11 compositions orchestrated by the prophet 6, and spiced with hilary’s unique vocals. a bold, minimalist approach weaving a romantic dialogue between sounds. 


like the eye of a storm, “pyrocbs” is what aadja defines as finding stillness amidst chaos.



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