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Adam Ten delivers new tracks on Monaberry

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Adam Ten is a rare talent in the music scene. For the last 12 years, Adam has shaped and developed his own unique sounds and has become one of leading names in the underground scene of the Mediterranean city of lights.

As a producer, Adam’s tracks have gained worldwide recognition and his music is getting regular support from top artists such as Diplo, Solomun and Dixon. As a DJ, He’s prone to play all nighters, floating with the crowd and taking them on a smooth journey, fluently mixing a wide range of genres: from tribal to deep techno to house to Indie dance and a touch of world music.

Now he releases his new Friday Love EP on Monaberry - the imprint of Super Flu from Germany. The melodic driven and groovy release comes with an amazing Xinobi Remix and a lot of positive vibes.


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