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INTERVIEW: My Secret Playground presents When The Lights Go Down [Rabotat Records]

We have the pleasure of welcoming My Secret Playground to the site, just ahead of their August release on Rabotat Records. Lets see what’s news and what’s going on in their world.

Hey, where can we find you right now? How did you start your day?

Hi :) Still in my adopted home, Berlin! Since Corona, I usually start my day with 1-2

hours of workout, followed by coffee and a cigarette :D

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you

get into music?

I’ve been doing music since I was 15, when I learned drums and piano. I played in

various rock and metal bands before I found my way into electronic music. Twelve years

ago, I created My Secret Playground so I could be independent of others. Since then it’s

been a musical rollercoaster. Being in Berlin has especially helped me find my creative


Who have been your main inspirations (both musical and in 'life')? And how have

they affected your sound?

My first musical inspirations were Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl on the drums. Nirvana

was so "straight in your face" without any fIlter. As a young boy, I was impressed and

wanted to be like these cool guys.

Inspiration in life - I guess my mother. After a divorce, she had to raise 2 children and

work full time. She is a strong woman who made her way through the patriarchy of the

70’s and 80’s.

How would you define your sound?

If you ask Beatport, Indie Dance :) Electronic music with elements from the 80’s and

Sugar of Berlin Techno.

How was "When The Lights Go Down" born?

During the first lockdown last year, I had alot of time to compose, and was quite

melancholic. I guess you can hear that in the song ;)

Why did you decide to work on this last work? What led you to that?

Mostly it just goes with the flow :) Didn’t really have a long-term plan for this.

Experimenting within the modern composition is a tool that you handle very well.

What leads you to take an idea and develop it to carry out a project?

I get lots of inspiration from nightlife and movies, and visualizing musical ideas helps me

a lot.

A good atmosphere inside the studio is also really important for me - to have a clear

mind. I normally start with drums, then bass, synths, etc.

Speaking within the creative process, I feel the improvisation in your works. Are

you more in favor of improvisation than having everything programmed or having everything programmed and leaving some parts to improvisation?

It’s always different, but I like to jam with synths for hours till I find a lick and sound I like.

I’m cutting, deleting, replacing...sometimes for hours, days or months ;)

And finally, how do you see the future in such uncertain times?

Honestly? I am not sure. My feelings go up and down. Mainly, I’m trying to work from

month to month and trying to keep my daily routine. Thinking too much about this

makes you insane, sooner or later.

But lets try keeping our thumbs up ;)

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