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PYRAME begins his independent work. This uniquely inspired musician, who has made a name for himself through a handful of tasty songs.

His music is unclassifiable, but it has no rival. Close your eyes and let the sensations flow.

Hey David how are you? Where are you spending this Christmas?

Hi guys, all good here. It´s been an hectic end of the year. But here we are : Christmas and that long-awaited week of rest between Christmas and New Year Eve. Two usual stops on our side - first, a week in Lausanne, my hometown, followed by another week in Seville, where my partner comes from. 

Taking stock of your label, how has 2023 been? What would you highlight about this year?

2023 has been a turning point for THISBE, with 25 new tracks being released, out of 5 EPs :  

- A remixes EP of my track “So Sprach Psychedelia” remixed by Rodion, Skelesys and Rambal Cochet. 

- A mini-album on vinyl by Volta Cab called “Alphabet of Humanity”. 

- A 2-track EP of mine (Pyrame) called “Senses High” with remixes by some of my favorite music producers Theus Mago, La Mverte, Semodi and Andrew Claristidge. 

- Oblako Maranta, the collab between Radial Gaze and A-Tweed, making its debut on the label with - to me - the “perfect release”, called  “Trance Beckenbauer”, marrying the slow tribal techno and Acid Weird Disco genres from both artists, with stunning remixes by Inigo Vontier and Zillas on Acid. 

- Finally, and to close the year, Seb El Zin delivers an original 2-track EP called “Lingua Minimalista”, where I had the pleasure of remixing one of his tracks. 

This comes along with several label shows and parties in Berlin and in Spain, where it is always nice to see dancers eager to move their body on fresh music and let their soul go. 

What do you expect from 2024?

2024 will mostly unfold work done over 2023 : starting off with a 4-original-track EP by German producer Dominik Marz, in February. A second compilation will also be released in June,  gathering existing artists on the label, as well as a couple of new-comers. I am also happy to share that I will release a collaboration with Ukrainian producer Andrey Sirotkin. 

This is the tip of the iceberg and I would like to keep the rest of the plan as a surprise.  

Can you tell us some news?

Apart from what I mentioned about upcoming releases, I am currently producing a film written and directed by film director Christian Krueger, on which I am working on the soundtrack. It will include tracks from artists of the label as well as some of my records.  

And what can you tell us about Pyrame? What productions are you working on?

I will release a Remixes EP of Electronica Melancholia featuring remixes by A-Tweed, Philip Lawns and Volta Cab early in 2024, as well as a new EP in the second half of the year. This is still work-in-progress, so I won't reveal more than that for now…

Will we see you perform again soon?

Yes, in Berlin first with a few dates in the first quarter of 2023. Spain is also looking again like a promising place for me to go play tracks later in the year.  

What wishes do you have for next year 2024?

I feel privileged to be able to produce music and produce great artists via my record label, but honestly, 2023 has been a painful year to watch. In a world which looks more like a war zone, with serious issues to address at a global scale. My heartful wishes would be to witness a more peaceful world and more awareness for the challenges facing all of us today. For the sake of our children and the world we live in.


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