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Tintin (@tintinbeatz) is a Spanish veteran from Salamanca based in the city of Barcelona.

On this EP he shows off his studio skills by providing four energetic techno tracks.

The release begins with tryptamine, an adrenaline-pumping workout made of rolling baselines and metal components on a relentless rhythm.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Tintin and this has been the result.

Hey, it is a pleasure to have you in this house doing an interview for Chromatic, How was your 2021?

Well, it was very productive at the releases. There were an EP in Dissolved Mind, Underwelt with remixes of Avox 25, RNGD and Neiland, a V.A. in Combine Audio with artists who are cool now like PWCCA and the last one to end the year, an EP in Hxagrm Records, very happy I love the label, they do very well job.

Where does your musical creativity come from?

From my musical culture as a DJ and from my Vinyls, I think that's where it all comes from.

We would like to know what musical influences have marked you the most in your career.

Especially the music of the 80s, groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242…

If you had to explain your music to someone, how would you describe it?

Music with a lot of FM Synthesis, repetitive sequences, Drone SynthS, Atmospheres, Percussion with noise etc.

You just released “Tryptamine” on Hxagrm Records, how did it come about?

Hxagrm is a very good label, Diego who does a great job, there are very beautiful references like the last one on vinyl by Zigler with a Vertical Spectrum remix, they always take great care of the releases.

What could you comment on each topic?

For Tryptamine I used a Bass-Lead from my Digitone Synth. It carries FM synthesis and automations in the sequencer, Ferras is more Bell Synth style, with repetitive sequences and some Drum Noise, Undulate is quite linear, I have used Analog Four for the synth and Behemont I have created a sequence with a Percussive Synth with noise.

What instrument do you consider your favorite machine or synthesizer?

I use EleKtron synthesizers, they are my favorites. For these tracks I have used Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Digitone.

How have you handled this whole pandemic situation in your country?

I have dedicated myself to making music.

With a vision of the future, where would you like to be in 2022?

Now I have an EP in R3VOLUTION with remixes and with dates to play in Barcelona.

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