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KARRY G: “I'm focusing all my attention on production and music”

Ukrainian DJ Karry G tells about new DJ set, how she care about herself and with whom Dj Karry wants to collaborate

Tell us about your new DJ set, what tracks did you use?

We shot this new set on the background of our beloved city of Kyiv. It is a selection of the hottest progressive-house tracks and of course I played some of my music

How long does it take to prepare for a set, what does the backstage look like?

Everything happens in stages: select the music, pick the priority – what plays after what, sometimes rehearse it a few times to make everything sound nice and smooth. Then me and my team, we decide the destination. We choose a place where we want to make the video, and then we record.

Besides recording tracks and sets, how you take care of yourself and bring all things together? What's the magic?

I definitely do sports, 3 workouts a week, I can't do without it. Workouts not only make you look good, but they make you feel good. Also, I give myself good homecare and spa treatments.

Do you plan to make a music video for your track in addition to the set?

Yes, I'm definitely planning, but at this stage I'm focusing all my attention on production: this includes writing new music, and recording DJ sets.

The best things are still to come.

Which DJ would you like to try to collaborate with?

At the moment I have two favorites - Monolink and Boris Brejcha. We could make a really cool collaboration.

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