Rosa Rendls debut album Opportunity Lover

Rosa Rendls debut album Opportunity Lover comprises 12 compositions: direct expressions with simple means, reduced to dark piano and guitar harmonies paired with sentimental melodies. Her voice, manipulated by autotune, reigns the soundscape of the album. An effect, typically known from genres such as pop or hip-hop, that seems distant and creates an artificial break from an intimate, analog-looking album. A further twist is created by guitar sounds recorded with midi keyboard.

The guitar sound seems familiar at first, but the melody and style evolve unusual. Rosa Rendl plays with technical and digital possibilities, but by using typical analogue sounds the music seems both accessible and strangely alien. The songs focus on the immediacy of expression through improvisation. The intimacy of her texts breaks with the cool, sometimes experimental sound and creates a contrast that is characteristic for Rosa Rendl. The lyrics deal with feminine vulnerability (I Care), feminism (Woman on man) and psychoanalytic self-reflection (F minor) and thus reflect contemporary issues. It's about personal and socio-political issues particularly in the structures of relationships between men and women.

Rosa Rendl is a singer, producer, classically trained pianist and artist. After 10 years of making music as part of the experimental electro pop duo Lonely Boys (appearances e.g. in Belvedere21, DAMA Turin, Volksbühne Berlin), she celebrates her solo debut. Since 2016 she has been working on her solo project characterized by emotional authenticity and contemporary relevance. A contemporary pop sound (lo-fi production, autotune, reduction) distinguished by an ironic distance is interwoven with emotional authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. Through her music she expresses emotional ambiguity and her intimate lines, soaked with autotune, break with the artificial sound garment.