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Sedef Adasi

Actualizado: 11 jun 2020

"Music is so diverse and im glad there are no rules"
© Julius Ertelt
© Julius Ertelt

Arpeggiators play a central role in the dreamy electronic soundscapes of DJ/producer Sedef Adasi. Synths pulse up and down over dreamy electronic pads and stripped-down, four-to-the-floor beats, building into subdued kaleidoscopes of color. Adasi is influenced by synth-pop and she’s eager to test boundaries and try new things as she uses her music to wrangle with personal emotions and express an innate appreciation for nature and color.

Her musical selection and good judgment has dared borders. We take the opportunity to interview her.

Hi! Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?

Good morning from my Hometown Augsburg. I started my day with a shower, some cereals and a cup of coffee.

How did you first get into electronic music? Was it your first real musical love or were you a keen listener of all sounds when you were younger?

I definitely can say, that i was keen about every styles. Personally i really don’t know when igot into electronic music. But i can remember that Stardust played a major role in my childhood. Music Sounds better with you was on repeat all day long. I was six years old and fascinated by this song and its video. Still gives me infinite positive vibes, its one of my favorite songs!

What were your first experiences as a DJ?

My humble beginnings were at birthday and school partys, but I also used to play a lot in stores and bars. I didn’t get any money but it was a very good practice before playing for bigger audiences.

How did you start experimenting with electronic music?

There was a tool called magic music maker. I started experimenting virtually with vocals, snippets and drums, which was really nice. Then I tried to do some remixes of my favorite songs, so that’s how i got into producing.

I would love to know about the club culture of Augsburg! How is it? What did you learn from the club culture of these little cities?

Augsburg is a Little City with round about 300.000 citizens. It’s a student city so we have many young and creative people in town which is really nice. We also have a lot of clubs and bars so there is a nice scene in general. I was born and raised here and I never had the feeling to move to another city. For me as an Artist it’s very important to contribute something to my city, so I try to realize some of my projects in my hometown.

How did you become a promoter? Tell us about the party HAMAM series. How was it born? What was the party philosophy?

Well I usually was booked by random guys who „were promoters“ and somehow I realized that it’s not just about throwing a random party. Every event should have a message or a meaning. I also wanted to create a special  place, where everybody is and feels welcome. I’m running my Party series HAMAM Nights at our beloved City Club - big shoutout to the family!

HAMAM is more a Ritual —  It’s a hot, energetic, relaxing and sexy night...

...come and see habibi!

What is your music criterion?

There is non, its always a mood thing and it depends on where, when and what I want to play. I think it would be very boring to stick on a criterion, music is so diverse and im glad there are no rules.

© Julius Ertelt

Who or what influenced you to get into the music industry?

As a little child i always used to hear the cds and cassettes of my family. So they definitely influenced me a lot. Well, it was more by accident, i’d say. I just wanted to share the music with my family and friends. So i didn’t even know what a DJ really was at that time.

How do you search for the music that you play in your sets, and how much time do you spend looking for music?

A lot, haha. I always want to discover new music, its a sweet obsession. Mostly i search on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Discogs.

Where was your favorite place to play, what was your most interesting gig, and for what reason?

There are so many great clubs but <3 Panorama Bar <3 is still the most magic dancefloor to me. The crowd, the energy, everything’s just magic. When it comes to the most interesting Gig, the 4GB Festival in Tbilisi is still one of my Highlights. It takes place in an old Locomotives factory which is surrounded by mountains and nature, just stunning.

What makes you happy?

A cup of ice cream is enough i think..

What was the last record store you visited and what did you keep from there?

Yesterday i visited Cover and Ungawa, a very lovely record store here in Augsburg. They buy and resell since more than 30 years and deal with every genre you can imagine. Great shop, if you ever visit Augsburg you have to stop by.

How do you deal with C19 confinement with your work?

Well this is a very big challenge to all of us. At first it was hard to realize that your whole season got more or less cancelled. It took me a while to focus on the creative side again. But now i try to put all of my energy into my projects. I try to make the best of it and i really hope that we can get back to the dance floors very soon, I really missed it.

What tracks would you recommend us to liven up the confinement?

In these trying times i would pick some tunes with happy vibes such as

Ari Bald - Moonlight in Vermont

Masarima - Freak like U

Larry Heard - Sun can’t compare.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Actually there is a lot going on, I really cant complain. Many nice mix inquiries, live*streams and Radio sessions where I will take part. Besides these I am A working on my debut-Ep which Im very excited about. There are also some mini-releases, soon you will here more :)

Sedef Adasi


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