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Seve Clain and Hanna Stark present a new track : «Go Away»

The track "Go Away" was created for three months, but was written several years ago.

Seve Clain said: "Minus the raw version of the track, I made it two or three years ago. Dropped it to Anna and offered cooperation. She liked it, then we recorded female vocals. Then the guitar was gradually added. In the end, I improved it, and the track "Go Away" appeared. The music for this composition was written by me, and the words by Anya. It is interesting that Anna wrote the words while lying in the hospital under a drip. I remember she recorded a piece of vocals for me on the dictaphone so that I could express my opinion. I immediately liked it!

The track was created in three months. We recently rewrote the vocals again, because there were certain nuances and we wanted to improve some points».


 DJ carefully selects vocalists with whom he creates joint tracks.

The collaboration of the artists was quite accidental. They worked at the same corporate company. Severyn was a DJ, Anna sang. After the holiday, Severyn submitted an idea to create a joint project. Several songs were written, one of which is "Go Away".

Hanna Stark shared : «This song has become special for me. I wrote it in the hospital when I got pneumonia and realized that I was stuck in four walls for a long time. Then I occupied myself with writing the English text.

Later, our creative views diverged and we suspended cooperation.

In the final result - I am satisfied.Although we didn't release this song a few years ago, it has found its place now.

Always want to try something new and create different songs. I don't think it's worth sticking to one style, so new ideas are already spinning in my head. Music is changing so much these days. You need to pay attention to what people are interested in listening to. We will try to leave a good aftertaste from listening to our tracks».


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