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Emerging from the pulsating depths of New York City, rising DJ and producer SAVAS shares his electrifying new single, “Regicide”. Characterized by his signature sound – a seamless fusion of dubstep and phonk – the latest to come from the rising talent is poised to command attention from bass aficionados from around the world. With a commanding beat that resonated with intensity, SAVAS is primed to mesmerize audiences with “Regicide”. “Regicide” is out now and available to stream across all platforms.

“Regicide” springs to life with an anticipatory build-up, as SAVAS lays down an unmistakable mid-tempo beat. The foundation is enhanced by the inclusion of intricate percussion and an unforgettable melody. The pace encapsulates the adrenaline of a nocturnal high-speed chase, the wind careening through the streets. Clocking in at just two minutes, “Regicide” masterfully distills an atmosphere of pure energy and exhilaration.

“Regicide is the ultimate fusion of Dubstep and Phonk. I made this song in hopes of introducing the phonk sounds into the bass music scene, the dark and aggressive sounds of Phonk music matches perfectly with the heavy basslines of dubstep. I made something unique and can sound well both on social media and festivals/clubs when played!” - SAVAS

Having soared high during an astounding 2023 run, marked by spellbinding performance at Elements Music and Arts Festival and a sold-out at Avant-Gardener alongside GRiZ, SAVAS has truly made his mark. The prodigious producer boasts millions of streams across all platforms and has fostered a dedicated fan base over the years. The horizon is boundless of SAVAS as he continues to roll out invigorating top-tier tracks for electronic music fans, propelling himself even further into the limelight.

ABOUT SAVAS- Emerging from the heart of New York, SAVAS has become an emblematic figure in the underground electronic music scene over the past few years. He crafts a distinctive blend of heavy, melodic sounds, weaving in ethnic undertones that set him apart. While he primarily delves into Midtempo, Dubstep, Phonk, and Trap, his unparalleled sound has caught the attention of industry titans like Excision, Tungevaag, and platforms such as Trap Nation. His prowess on stage is evident from his performances alongside luminaries such as Knife Party, Getter, GRiZ, ZABO, X&G, and 1788-L, to mention a few. The summer of 2023 saw SAVAS ignite stages at major US electronic festivals like Elements in Pennsylvania and Electric Zoo in New York. Moreover, he captivated audiences with a sold-out official afterparty set at Avant-Gardener, sharing the spotlight with GRiZ. With an impressive tally of over 8.5 million streams across various platforms and notable releases on labels like Tribal Trap, Elysian Records, and Magic Music, SAVAS is undeniably carving a monumental path in the music industry, one release and performance at a time.

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