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We present: MONOLITH

Monolith is a recording artist based in New Tork who has recently created a standalone album that is based on the film Fright Night. The Fright Night album is an ode to the film and is available to stream on Bandcamp and Spotify along with others.

"Fright Night is a re-imagining of the film. The film focuses mostly on Charlie & Amy’s plot line with Jerry & Billy as the antagonists, so I wanted to flip that and have this album mainly focus on Jerry & Billy’s perspectives. Each song, except for the title track, is a scene from the film told from one character's perspective, also in the same sequence as the film. The album mostly focuses on Billy & Jerry’s relationship and its collapse with the reincarnation of Jerry’s old love (Amy). Songs like Chemical Imbalance & From Dusk ’Til Dawn detail Billy’s dependence on Jerry, with the former being from Jerry’s perspective and the latter from Billy’s." explains songwriter Sam Kowalski of the album.

Monolith is the brainchild of Sam Kowalski and although you'd never guess it, he began making music in 2020 with free time spent during the pandemic. Releasing his first single "Ozone" and an 8-track record dubbed Chris that year and as time went on, he was inspired to keep writing and recording more and more. After some time, he had enough to release a full-length album called On a Scale From 1 to 10 in early 2022 along with several music videos for singles from the record. However, throughout most of the two years spent writing and producing his songs, he was always working on an album in pieces here and there. That album was the Fright Night album after the 1985 film of the same name. Instagram


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