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zkosta - Smoke Break [Soniquarium]

zkosta - Smoke Break [Soniquarium]

The "Smoke Break" EP, by zkosta, is a stroke in tech house and bass house fusion. zkosta unfurls his craft on June 30th, 2023 with five tracks that effortlessly bridge the gap between rhythm and atmosphere. This EP is not simply a collection of tracks; it's an expedition into the musical psyche of zkosta.

The EP begins with "Mesmerized," a track that captures your attention with its hypnotic groove and nonchalant swagger. This initial foray leads us to "The Blue Maquina," a collaborative effort with Raddix that infuses the air with kinetic energy, sure to animate any dancefloor. "We Got This" maintains this vibrancy with its relentless beats, driving the journey forward.

zkosta then alters the trajectory with "When the Sun Goes Down," an atmospheric track that paints a mesmerizing soundscape on the dancefloor. The finale, "Whyteklaw Mornings," featuring Ron Austin & Camtraks, is a deep rhythmic odyssey that combines an unusual break with classic tech house elements, culminating in a unique sonic experience.


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